As a member of the Developer Center team:
- Mentoring other members of the team and acting as the go-to person for technical help.
- Building and maintaining SDKs and developer tools for DocuSign APIs and leading various public and open-source projects such as: Java SDK, Node SDK, Python SDK, Go-Live and API Explorer.
- Building and maintaining DocuSign Developer Center website.
- Automating various tasks such as SDK generation and API docs.
- Contributing to DocuSign Tech Blog.
- Helping evangelize DocuSign platform APIs, by attending conferences and teaching developers, which resulted in an exponential adoption growth for the API, in addition to winning multiple awards.

Tools, frameworks and programming languages:
- MERN/MEAN: MongoDB, Express, React, Angular, Node, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, GraphQL, TravisCI, Jenkins and Nginx.
- JavaScript: Node, Lodash, Passport, NPM, Yarn, Mocha, Jest, Gatsby.
- Java: Jersey, Jackson, JUnit, Spark, Maven and JCenter.
Role Lead Software Engineer
Date Jan 2016 - May 2022
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